We are looking for new, young, and talented people. 

to become members of The Landscape Arena.

The “Spring Corner” enrollment is on.

If you are a landscape architect, a gardener, designer, you run a company or you are a freelancer and you would like to share your experience during the Landscape Arena 2021, you are more than welcome. You can find a link to the registration form below:
I would like to enroll in the “Spring Corner” at the Landscape Arena 2021. 



You can enroll till 20 December 2020. You will be notified about accepting your enrollment until 30 December 2020.
If you are accepted to be a speaker at the Landscape Arena 2021 event, you will be asked to send your video recording until 20 January 2021. 


Your audience

The Landscape Arena is targeted at those who are just starting their careers in designing, setting, and maintaining gardens as well as at those who are experienced landscape architects. 
Our guests are company representatives, landscape architects, gardeners and investors. 
These are your potential audience and clients. 


What do we offer?
  • a 10-minute presentation available at the conference platform of the Landscape Arena
  • a ticket for all slots available at the conference platform of the Landscape Arena
  • Technical support and know-how during your presentation preparation
  • Access to our audience, partners, and sponsors.


What do we expect?
  • You will prepare a presentation in the form of a video, which we will publish on our Landscape Arena conference platform.  
  • The deadline for sending video recording is 20 January 2021.
  • You will have over two weeks for your final preparation of your presentation. 
  • You will receive from us a manual and guidance on how to prepare the recording. 


Application form
  • We would like to know you more, therefore it would be great if you could attach a maximum 3-minute recording about the topic you would like to present.
  • In the movie, try to explain why you have chosen such topic and why it is valuable for our audience. 
  • In a form of bullet points, list benefits our audience will have out of your presentation.
    This is very crucial for us.  
  • If you have already been a presenter in any conference or meetup and you have the recording, send us a link, we will be happy to watch it. 

How to create the presentation?

You might be inspired by watching this movie  🙂

We keep our fingers crossed.

If you have any questions you would like to ask such, for example, as going through your topic,
don’t hesitate and drop us a line at:

See you at the 
Landscape Arena.

We can`t wait to watch your presentation !